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East Coast Associates was started in 1996 as a full service advertising agency and marketing firm. The concept was to create a mid-size agency that could offer all the services of the larger agencies but still be affordable to companies of all sizes. The partners were committed to keeping costs low and quality high. This was accomplished by putting together hundreds of independent service providers and running smaller projects with contract services. This allows East Coast to provide its clients with the best talent available tailored to the project.



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Many clients only need a la carte services and do not have the resources to pay the large contingency fees required by the mega groups. Over the years East Coast has grown to represent a broad range of clients. To this day East Coast Associates does not require contingency fees, has added a special events division, and has a separate media buying group for medium to large media buys. We have the financial backing and credit of our parent company Thompson’s Inc, started in 1939. The result, big agencies do not understand us, small agencies emulate us, and our clients love the way we do business. We provide services worldwide to your corner of the world.


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